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Where two people bump their hips together.
Similar to a dance move as seen on American TV shows and the like, but this is done as a way to be affectionate, or to say goodbye.
Started off as a typo ('Chris is bumong Dani') that deserved an action of its own.
James and Paula are bumonging again.
by Violenta August 10, 2004
A blad or trendy, mostly found in Newport. Called 'wapners' because they often greet each by saying "Wap'nin blad?" (meaning "what is happening, mate?")
When walking through town, goths are particulary prone to abuse from wapners
by violenta August 10, 2003
An affectionate act where two people bump their foreheads together.
Started off as a typo that deserved a meaning.
Violenta nurned ^Azrael^
by Violenta August 10, 2004
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