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A label (usually negative) that people assume applies to EVERYONE who belongs to a certain group.

Muslims are terrorists

British people are WASPs

Black people are violent and stupid

Women who wear revealing clothing are prostitutes

Asians are workaholics and overachievers

Gays and lesbians are freaks

Blondes are stupid

Intelligent people are nerds

Creative, artistic people are freaks, devil-worshippers, effeminate, and suicidal

Violists are just violinists who can't play to save their lives

Girls are snobby and only care about boys
by violagirl May 04, 2012
One of the two sexes. Generally intelligent, strong, and beautiful. Can be anyone she wants to be and defy oppressive gender roles. Can create new life.

Has mental and physical power to do many things that males believe she can't do, like learn about complicated topics such as science, mathematics, art, and literature; have a career other than being a wife/caretaker and have a profession in areas from medicine to law to marathon running to musical composition to firefighting. Does not actually need a Prince Charming to survive.

Prejudiced against, considered less than men, viewed as just a sex object instead of a human being. Has many horrible, offensive slurs made about her in this very biased, prejudiced dictionary. Called slut, whore, harlot, and bitch by misogynists and males who think they're funny.

Women are an important part of life and are necessary as peers, friends, mentors, students, spouses, and much, much more than objects to sate sexual desire.
by violagirl May 04, 2012

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