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3 definitions by vinylmatt

Facial expression conveying disgust, disapproval, usually seen on an unattractive face.
Jaysus mister, ya shoula seen her when she saw the state of her son - She had a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle!
by vinylmatt August 01, 2005
41 17
Word in common use in Dublin for a joint.
Pass that jinter would you Sean, you're a scabby bastard for hanging onto it for so fucking long.
by vinylmatt August 01, 2005
9 0
To be have enough chemicals to stay awake longer then you should over the weekend. Now so overused outside the original context this phrase is nausiating to the ear.
I was sorted for e's and whizz and ad a bang up time round the M25 in 1989.


Did you get me some chips? Soooorted.
by vinylmatt August 01, 2005
27 19