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A word used to describe the various hook-ups and interchanging relationships that happen within a friendship group.
fred: didnt george just kiss mary yesterday?

chris: yup. And she broke up with dean last week.
Fred: but dean was with harriet?
chris: nah they broke up months ago. Jack is with harriet now.
Fred: yeah. I guess with all our friends hooking up you could call us frincestuous.
by vintagelovers July 13, 2011
A term used to describe a serious or legit event that is verified on facebook. A person can be sure that something is definite by logging on and seeing evidence of it on facebook.
Vicky: "are caroline and jack dating now?"

George: " yup! Jack just asked her out after a week of being "together"."

Vicky: "Is it Facebook-official?"

George: "yup"

Vicky:" wow. i didn't know things were that serious between them."
by vintagelovers July 13, 2011
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