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The Polarpus is such an animal of majestic nature that it is rarely seen but upon sought of such an animal this is what you will find. The creature is made of a large polar bear head and upper body. As the hairy body comes to an end large, very profound, octopus tentacles lavishly extend. There is need to be frightened by this lovely beast for it will inflict pain upon you.
"Have you seen jack?

"He said he was off to find the great Polarpus."

"Oooooh, i guess we wont be seeing him again."

The legend of the Polarpus,

There was a magical day in which the most extraordinary of events happened. An extremely lonely octopus met a lovely polar bear and from there a polarpus was conceived. To this day it has still not been scientifically resolved. The great polarpus was born and abandoned left to nurture itself. Living amongst the crude animals of the waters the polarpus sought refuge in revenge. As it grew and grew to unnatural sizes the polarpus came to the great Ionian sea and overpowered Messina, Italy. Upon destructing the city the great polarpus made its way back to the ocean where it survives in the depths of the deep blue.
by vintagececilia August 21, 2011
When one smiles a deep ridge in ones cheeks will appear. Along with that ridge a slight crinkle appears. This slight crinkle, which becomes white, forms the lip cuticle of ones mouth. The lip cuticle can become white and agitated when not well taken care of. It is necessary for lip cuticle balm to soothe the area after too much laughter.
"I laughed so hard at a joke the other day that my lip cuticles started to hurt."

"You should really get yourself some prescription lip cuticle balm."

"Great idea!"
by vintagececilia November 07, 2011

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