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slap the belly ride the waves a term to describe a fat man or woman and the rippling effect given when slapped in the belly or just a long word for fat
look at her she's slap the belly ride the waves

or y'al right slap the belly ride the waves
by vintage tard October 21, 2004
a vintage tard is an older person who is either mentaly unstable or very stupid.
ha ha look at that vintage tard
WHAT is that vintage tard doing!
get off my choad you vintage tard.
by vintage tard October 22, 2004
a hairy tard is a person that is abnormaly hairy on their body or other areas and is mentaly unstable or stupid.
"hey,look at that hairy tard bet he has a hairy groin."

"ahh im being chased by a hairy tard he's after me choad get off mother hubard."

"hey this womans tit is a hairy tard"
by vintage tard November 02, 2004
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