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A news reporter who sadly was born with this wonderful name.
Willie Stroker was getting all wet in the rain so he came inside.
by Vinnymac567 April 09, 2010
The day before Christmas Eve Eve Eve, 4 days before Christmas. Usually any Eve's earlier than this time are unnecessary, and by this point you should have all gift shopping done. Otherwise you are doomed!
I'm glad I got all my shopping done before Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve, it made things so much easier on everyone.
by Vinnymac567 December 27, 2009
F.A.P.I.T. -

N. Commonly an attractive being known as "it", which is outstanding in all aspects to the individial witnessing it.
V. The action of tugging the flesh of the penis up and down upon seeing an attractive other, usually making the noise *fap* while in action.

*Note: Please be aware, if caught jacking off by the FAPIT you might be raped or shot. Keep your fap silent but deadly. Jack off in private, or your dick might end up in a sewer with the rats of NJ shore.
John D. - That girl had such nice features I started to FAPIT..

Jane S. - Her face, ass, and tits were much better than her personality and intellect though.

John D. - Shut the fuck up lesbo, FAPIT doesn't apply to you.
by vinnymac567 April 16, 2010

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