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also called a lambo this car was designed by ferruccio lamborghini who made his fortune by building tractors when he made his millions he went and bought a ferrari and drove it and when he met enzo ferrari (the man who started ferrari motors dah!) he complained about it and enzo told mr. lambo if he can make a better car do it then so he did and now most people think he has beaten the ferrari for the tittle of king of italies super car market
" i drove a lamborghini and it was pretty impressive"
by vinny92 October 23, 2005
a vehicle with doors that open from the opposite direction the most cars now adays they are called suicide doors because if they open while going down the road its almost impossible to close them unless u stop and if u going at high speed and they open they can come flying off, its meaning also refers to the opening in a regular car is safer because you are openign it with the design to push u back and get redged in so its harder to open the door and jump out of it while its moving trying to kill yourself while suicide doors dont have the insurence they fling open and design with no protection from jumping out at high speeds
"sorry about your door flying off because i didnt close it right but its not my fault you have have suicide doors"
by vinny92 October 23, 2005
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