25 definitions by vinny

to have sex with someone and only last one pump
that was quick, your an uno pumpo
by vinny April 19, 2005
sumthing u call someone when they act gumby or stupid.
"youre such a wooders!"
by vinny March 27, 2004
TO give someone a ladder or someone needs to receive a ladder, as they need to get over them selves.
If I gave you ladder could you get over yourself.
I took her to home depot to pick out a ladder.
Intellectually... you only need a step stool.
by Vinny March 01, 2005
generally simple minded singfai
pretty dumb.
simple sing's bouncy hair, failing to see a wrapper on his person
by vinny December 04, 2003
A business owner who does not take a day off.
He can't go today he's at work, he's such a philmo.
by Vinny March 01, 2005
trying to spell "cool" on msn, it can be used in many ways to say stuff.
that thing you said was coik
by Vinny April 24, 2004
current governor of California
CALIFORNIA: the Governator is going to PUMP YOU UP!
by Vinny October 26, 2003
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