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One of the dumbest human being that has graced this fine earth; otherwise a waste of God's good will; ie whale feces lacking the intelligence to decipher common sense. So stupid we can't explain how Lancaster made it this far in life. Chooch!!
Gary B. Lancaster in the flesh. Mota "T" re-tread.
by vinnie November 15, 2003
A male who is extremly annoying, to a point to where you think they had no father to teach them any better
That guy Ross's father must have bolted on his mother because he is a bitchin bastard.
by Vinnie March 29, 2005
Referring to a female well endowed in the mammary gland department, a euphimism suitable for polite company.
"Hey, she's got big teeth ;-)"
by vinnie June 28, 2004
the biggst nub to ever nub a nub.....
look! its inf the nub!
by vinnie July 20, 2003
Taurens are huge, half-bovine half-men in the popular video game World of Warcraft. The term 'tauren in the pants' refers to two things; a man having either a very large penis, or being excessively hairy in the pubic area. Originated from assumptions that taurens encompass both of these things.
"I heard that guy's tauren in the pants."
"Really? Awesome!"
by Vinnie February 27, 2006
To have an unusual growth of head hair not incorporated with the first assumption of the person. Pertaining to Matthew Rentz.
The office worker had a mohawk, therefore his hair style was Rentzy.

"Chris Carraba's Afro sure look Rentzy"
by Vinnie November 28, 2003
'Full Balloon' is a slang term used for a specific sexual act. It is when a man has anal intercourse with a partner (male or female), and when he is finished, he proceeds to urinate in the recieving person's anus, and the recieving person must hold it in. Thus the term 'Full Balloon'. Some believe the term originated in prisons, just as the term 'Salad Tossing' originated there as well.
"Dude, John gave Jack a Full Balloon! EEEWWW!"
by Vinnie June 19, 2006

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