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A person who is a mixture of a jackass and a fucker so as they are a super jackass of epic proportions.
Hey, watch where you stick that, jackfuck!
by Vinic March 31, 2003
Of or having anything to do with kicking ass or generally being badass.

Hs no known detailed rating system, but it's widely accepted that anything with a higher badassity rating than something with a lower badassity rating kicks the latter's ass into next Thing.
Masturbating to lesbians has a high badassity rating.
by Vinic March 31, 2003
1) A location of unknown origin where the worst possible shit is likelly to happen.

2) The worst place in the history of ever.
Some fagstack stole my car! By now it's in East Bumfuck!
by Vinic March 31, 2003
One who is a jackass.

Rarely used to describe a homosexual, unless this homosexual happens to share the qualities of one who is a jackass.
Check out that Fruity McBastard!
by Vinic March 31, 2003
One who takes it up the ass in such a manner that others who do the same are moot in comparison.
That assjackson stole my virginity!
by Vinic March 31, 2003
Nonsense insult word defined and put into use by the Lard Pirates.
Yar, that fagstack be plunderin' me wenches!
by Vinic March 31, 2003
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