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The act of covertly sniffing a finger that has been inserted into a woman's vagina while making out for the purpose of determining if it is safe to proceed to oral sex.
I was going to munch her box, but I ran a litmus test, and it came back positive for stank, so I just bagged it and tagged it.
by Vinceums November 22, 2003
The rank one attains upon fucking a chick in the ass.
She gives out a lot of promotions. She promoted me AND Peterson to Brown Star General.
by Vinceums October 07, 2003
a very hairy and / or tall and broad shouldered woman. A woman having the characteristics of Chewbaca from Star Wars.
That bitch had a chewbaca mustache and hair on her tits.

Damn Girl!! You better trim those Chewbaca toenails before you rip the sheets.
by Vinceums November 22, 2003
Having the condition of unkempt or extremely overgrown pubic hair.
As when used in the phrase "Jumanji Jungle Bush"

Also, a shit movie staring Robin Williams.
I was going to go down on her, but she had such Jumanji, that I was afraid I would find crabs with spears and tom-tom drums!!
by Vinceums March 06, 2004
Ass Hole. (spanish) Literally translates as "Donkey Pit". Good to use when swearing is inappropriate
He's a real asno vache
by Vinceums October 07, 2003
Acronym for 'BEtween Shits Ass Wipe'

Necessary to prevent swamp ass from eating a hole in your shorts, especially on hot summer days and / or during bouts of extreme flatulence.
Person 1: I'll be right back- just have to run to the bathroom

Person 2: Hurry up! We're running late!!

Person 1: Don't worry, I'm not taking a dump or anything - just need a quick Besaw and we will be on our way.
by vinceums April 11, 2008
A man who enjoys having sex with fat women.
Having a heavy hitter as a friend can be a great asset- Often, a group of hot women bring their fat friend out, and without a heavy hitter in the group, one of your team would have to step up jump on that grenade, or risk all of you getting cock blocked.
by vinceums April 11, 2008
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