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2 definitions by vincent napod

A pro re nata session of sleep. Can last as little as 10 minutes (powernap), to 3-4 hours. Not recommended for the ambitious personality, and usually frowned upon by semper fidelis types. Naps are sometimes instituted in some kindgergarten classes. Excessively long daytime naps may contribute to insomnia.
Howard: "I think i'm gonna take a nap."

Nester: "What a waste of time."

Howard: *Sleeps in bed for 2 hours*

Howard: "That was great!"
by vincent napod September 15, 2009
Slang for "confirm and pay". Used when customer reaches the final step during a purchase at www.sprint.com. Originally created by Roland T.
*Customer reaches confirm and pay*

Sales Agent "Confirm and Peezy!!"

*Order Complete*
by vincent napod May 07, 2007