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2 definitions by vince carter

A very, very cute trouble maker. One who knows he/she can get away with causing mischief due to a natural charm about them.
My girlfriend used her muskaput powers to get away with running late for the party.
by Vince Carter July 03, 2013
The best dodgeball team in the united states. formerly known as the "dream team". the most feared squad in National Amateur Dodgeball Association.
2 time national champs, 3 time national runners-up.
#1- Yo, whos that badass team with the tight throwback jerseys?
#2- Damn, those be the throwbax, they jus made it to the final 4 at dodgeball days and beat bitch ass Zanca and those prospect fags nasty style.
by vince carter August 28, 2005