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The best goddamn song ever. Made by Biggie.
Juicy is the illmatic song
"Birthdays were the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay"
by Vin Fata August 13, 2004
It's when at a party or social gathering somebody takes alcohol (usually vodka) and puts it into the punch bowl covertly to get a party started.
Yo Mike's party was mad lame last night until Chris spiked the punch. Then everyone was wasted and we had the illest time
by Vin Fata September 04, 2004
A dance that utilizes multiple parts of your body. You take your left or right hand and put it on the back of you head with your elbow sticking out on the side. Then take your other arm, stick it straight out and move it up and down. Oscillate your entire body quickly. This is The Sprinkler. Very funny, fun, and amusing to watch or do, especially when chanting, "Do the sprinkler, do the sprinkler..."
Kid 1: Yo Steve was doing The Sprinkler at this party.

Kid 2: Word? Steve's a pimp.
by Vin Fata November 17, 2004
Usually yelled to draw attention and act cool. Most people do it just to act like total morons though.
Guy 1: *walks into a party* THE CHAMP IS HERE!
Guy 2: What the fuck are you doing you retarted asshole. *punches guy one in the face for acting like a moron*
by Vin Fata July 13, 2004
To get with someone and have sex with them. Popularly coined from the Jadakiss song, "Gettin' it in"
Guy 1: Shorty gettin' it in wit me.
Guy 2: Yo the ho has been hit be every G in da 'hood.
by vin fata July 21, 2004
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