10 definitions by viking48

when you kiss one kiss per square inch of your lover's body
type of foreplay, when you place one kiss on every square inch of your lover's body. total body kiss works well with a little olive oil or honey. it really makes your lover feel special that you love her enought to kiss EVERY inch of her body
by viking48 October 28, 2008
reverse blowjob is when your lover carefully sucks your testicles into her mouth,then gently biting down, she reaches up and masturbates your cock
reverse blowjob can be stronly enpowering to your woman, she is in contol,she can cause great pleasure or great pain
by viking48 October 23, 2008
tbk means total body kiss. It is a type of foreplay where the object is to kiss one kiss per square inch of your lover body.
After a warm bath and a few drops of honey or olive oil in special places. Lay your lover in bed and start at finger tips or toes and work your way to their crotch. But EVERY square inch must receive one kiss.tbk is a real turn on for your lover
by viking48 November 17, 2008
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