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5 definitions by vigz

when you are having sexual intercourse with a lady friend and some other guy comes up and tickles your balls from behind.
i was sexually harrased by jesse.
by vigz June 17, 2005
short for poon banana, it refers to the female genatalia when she splooges and her clam looks like chewed up banana
i cant wait until my next shore leave to go get some fuckin poon nanny
by vigz June 17, 2005
when you are wearing shorts and you catch a bad case of diarrhea and the soft, liquidy shit runs down your leg and into your boot. common on camping trips or strenuous excercise.
hiker 1: hey what took you so long?

hiker 2: sorry i got a bad case of boot shat.
by vigz June 17, 2005
when you aproach another human being unnoticed from behind and gently tickle their ass hole.
shit! jesse just gave me a fucking wiggle worm.
by vigz June 17, 2005
when one of ur friends takes a dump that is small and cute (resembling that of a kittie cat's poo) and duck tapes it to the hood of another friends car.
Dane: dude, brayden, whats wrong?
Brayden: that cunt jeremy planted a little kitti cacka on my fuckin car.
by vigz June 30, 2005