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2 definitions by vigwig

Verb. To talk rings around your opponent until they begin to sputter, are rendered speechless and become, therefore, impotent (aka nailed) as their argument collapses around them. Submitted in honor of the television comedian Stephen Colbert, the great, brave and high master of satire and truthiness.
He tried to bulldoze him with his theories during the debate but he was colberted in two minutes flat.
by vigwig May 03, 2008
444 62
verb: to viggo, to be viggoed

To be overwhelmed with lust in response to the manly perfection that is Viggo Mortensen. To drool uncontrollably.
I saw "A Walk on the Moon" and I was totally viggoed.

This cute guy walked into the bar and started viggoing this blonde.
by vigwig November 27, 2004
63 11