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A bad-ass muscle car with the right owner. It's potential and classic lines is highly underrated. Thanks to Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof", The classic Chevy Nova not only was re-born on this motion picture but also used as a weapon. It's calling- to be resurrected in full glory and strike fear in ricers nationwide. Manufactured in the U.S from 1962-1979, but after 72' safety standards had to do some surgery to it's ass, redesigning the bumpers for reinforcing impact, a hatchback style look. Then getting carried away they changed the grill, the look of the headlight and tail light assembly- Ultimately making it look ugly as fuck and deserves to be called a Nova (no-go in Spanish). Just when the 4th gen. nightmare was over, the movie Gung Ho came true. In 1985-1988, GM and Toyota shook hands thinking they designed something beautiful and re-created the Nova only embarrassing it's predecessor more. The car came off the assembly line looking like a trailer trash's dream car only because Cletus and his Wife Sunshine knew they wouldn't be able to afford one for another 10 or 20 years.
Keep your Nova primed because what really matters is what's under the hood.
by Vigilanty July 13, 2009
Self explanatory really. One Samoan; female or male, taking part in the beating to a pulp of one or more victims. This is no ordinary beatdown or victorious bloody ending to a fight. A Samoan beatdown is equivalent to watching a large Gorilla smashing, punching, and throwing around people like rag dolls.
To witness one for yourself is a spectacle comparable to watching your first UFC fight. Likeliness of catching a Female Samoan Beatdown is better because they happen more frequently because the women have shorter fuses. The women are also known for beatingdown their boyfriends or husbands.

1 urban legend:
A samoan in his 20's hanging out in the El Cerrito, Ca. area with his girlfriend gets jumped by 4 gang members of the area. He bludgeons #1 and #2 by k.o. from a fury of hooks and haymakers, gets a 2x4 across the back of his neck(2x4 cracks)he turns around scuffles and recovers. Another frantic swing of the 2x4 by assailant #3 makes contact to the islander's shoulder while assailant #4 is trying his hardest to knock him down from blows to the back of the head and kidney area but the samoan catches and snatches the 2x4, does a 180 degree spin move wacking #4 in the ribs and begins a "Hacksaw Jim Duggan" fury on #3 and #4 giving them no choice but to run.

1 true story: (name withheld)
The place: A liquor store in Oceanside, Ca. back in 1997. A samoan kid, Yes a samoan "kid" 17 year old high school senior, 6'6" tall 280lb. would beat up Marines for their cases of beer and emptied their wallets when they came out of the liquor store. No surpises or cheap shots, he greeted them "Talofa!" and then demand they give up their beer, and if they didn't comply? Samoan Beatdown!! I heard he chose Marines because he felt they were more likely to fight and had heavy wallets. Word spread and soon Marines and others would not travel there without more than a group of two to hopefully eleviate the chances of getting owned. Eventually, they would run into "Silisili Ese tamali'i of beer" meaning the "Almighty Chief of beer" and had to fight their way back to the car.

Definition 2-
Two or more samoans defeating all odds by the beating to a pulp of one or more victims. Nothing equivelant to it.

True story #2
Two Samoan high school kids in New Zealand get jumped by a group of 11 neo-nazis, 5 of them hospitalized the others ran.

Want to witness one? If you can kidnap a samoan, drop him off in a latino barrio, south central or a whigger community somewhere in Inland Empire. It might happen.
I just saw the greatest Samoan beatdown ever!
Those guys need a samoan beatdown.
Now there is a group of idoits just asking for a Samoan beatdown.
Those guys are staring at me the wrong way. They're asking for a Samoan beatdown!
by vigilanty June 20, 2009
Once memorably described in the pages of the UK music magazine Kerrang! as having a sound "thicker than a shit milkshake", Iron Monkey formed in Nottingham, England, in 1994, intending "to irritate as many people as possible," according to bass player Doug Dalziel. That may have worked for a while, but eventually the band had to deal with the fact that quite a few people actually liked what they were doing. After releasing a self-titled six-song mini-album in 1996, the band gained a fair amount of appreciation in the underground. Rumors abounded that Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo was listening to the self-titled release when he overdosed on heroin in 1996.

Other albums to ad to your collection:
"Our Problem" 1998
"We've Learned Nothing" split w/ Church of Misery 1998
"Ruined by Idiots" 2003

The various members went on to work on various projects including the Dukes Of Nothing, Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine, Phantom Limb Management, Armour Of God, and My War. Prior to his untimely death of kidney failure in June 2002, Morrow had formed Murder One and started his own label, Maniac Beast, on which a posthumous collection of live and lost recordings was released in 2002. Typically brutal and uncompromising, it was a fitting epitaph for Morrow's efforts.

Johnny Morrow : Vocals (RIP)

Dean Berry : Guitar

Stuart O'Hara : Guitar

Doug Dalziel : Bass

Justin Greaves : Drums
Holy shit! Iron Monkey? These guys are bad ass!

Bongzilla had to up their game cause Iron Monkey is heavier than a Brachiosaurus dump.

I didn't always have to smoke weed to feel Iron Monkey's wrath.

Smoking weed then listening to Iron Monkey is definately an experience.

Brutal, angst, loud, unpleasant to the faint hearted, stoner groove. Iron Monkey was the only band to do it so wrong in the right way.

Black Sabbath Bongzilla Church of Misery Eyehategod High on Fire Sleep Corrupted weed hash chronic
by vigilanty June 21, 2009
Used as an honorable compliment toward MMA fighters or practitioners in the 205lb weight classes and up who are ripped and muscular with very little body fat. Some examples of "Meatstacks" are Wanderlei Silva and of course Jeff Monson. Some exceptions can be made for those who are of behemoth proportions with a little more body fat than others such as Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.
Meatstack has been used incorrectly and by the wrong people and as an insult in some incidents but was not intended to be used in this manner. Due to a "meathead" getting access to the word and it being very easily pronounced for meatheads, they added it to their vocabulary. It seems to be spreading like wild fire in gyms, the grocery store, Mexican Pharmacies and GNC's nationwide and soon worldwide if the confusion does not stop now.

A meatstack is not to be confused with a "meathead" for the mere fact that a meatstack spends more time evolving by training for a highly skilled contact sport than spending a majority of their time pumping weights, high fiving their spotting partner, talking too much and checking out chicks in the gym.
Used properly amongst the MMA community:
"Time to hit the mat meatstack."
"You choked me out meatstack."
"That dude is a serious meatstack!"
"That guy is a meatstack"
"Listen meatstack, you and I will throwdown!"
"Nice to meet you, your a meatstack my friend."
"Hey meatstack!"

Not used properly by meatheads and unworthy individuals:
"Let's meet up meatstack, I'll be wearing the 265lbs!"
"Shut up meatstack"
"Your buff bro, your a meatstack"
"Lift heavier bitch! You want to be a meatstack right?!"
"We need more juice bro, I'm losing meatstack status."
"Drink all these bro and it's meatstack time!"
"Who's the meatstack? Who's the meatstack?!"
"I need to buy Meatstack juice, comprender?
"What? A kegger? Oh Bitch, you better believe I'll there meatstack, should I bring beer?"

mma lipsplitter kick-boxer ncaa wrestler ufc pride fc wec octagon muay-thai vale tudo submission wrestling bjj
by Vigilanty June 17, 2009
The dumb person; The idiot; Sweaty buttmunch clueless to other people actually exist; The retard paying for a year membership that soon will quit working out in about 2 weeks-because they realize it's not easy being fit "ass gasket", who moves your towel off of the equipment where you obviously left it- to indicate your using the equipment still or when your waiting to be next, they are oblivious to your towel hung over the machine; your keys; cell phone or any other personal belongings laying there; while you refill your bottle or get a drink of water.
What the F&*^%? You dumb or something? Move it Gym rookie!

That towel means someone is using the equipment you dumb gym rookie.

Hey gym rookie, I didn't ask if you wanted to work in with me.

Hey! I was on this machine!! You stupid or something?!

I was next you dumb ass. Can't you see my shit here?

Helpful hints to Gym rookies:

Survey the area and wait a couple minutes if there's stuff near or on the equipment, don't move it. You might get bitch slapped or kicked in the balls while your doing flys.

Driving your BMW or Mercedes like you own the road concept doesn't work in the gym.

Stay home and buy a Bowflex and a treadmill.

Cancel your membership if you don't figure it out by the time you read this part.
by Vigilanty June 21, 2009
A race of kids of the underground music scene who adopted the hair-do closely resembling Spock from Star Trek whom was of the Vulcan race. Most known for this hair style and culture were the strange faggish members of The Locust and it's followers back in the late 90's. The Hair style evolved into a more uglier look unfortunately into the Emo scene- which also unfortunately surfaced due to lost teens who unknowingly acquired the style in the last few years, they added some length, modernized it to fit mainstream style but did not achieve to keep it non-queer, gay looking or faggish. It's not believed to be known to them that it does look gay as hell. In fact, Mullets should of came back out of the trailer park before a faggot hairdo like this.
"Oh great, are band is opening for The Locust? Fucking dumb Vulcans."
"Look! The place is full of Vulcans."
"There's a Vulcan sucking wank for the joy it, and they are both male."
fag rump ranger queer follower vain mullet scene emo
by vigilanty June 18, 2009

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