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A pokeseizure is an epileptic seizure, induced by the flashing of red and blue

that occured in episode 38 of the anime Pokemon. The original airing of episode

38 saw the seizures of 700 japanese adults and children as a result. Since then,

the episode can only be found on the internet, often with the frame-rate reduced

on the infamous scene.

Often this scene is referred to as, "SEIZURES EVERYWHERE"

Specifically, the scene involves the protagonists trying to rescue the

geometrically inclined pokemon Polygon. A hovercraft/rocket/spaceship/thing

fires missiles at the heroes. In responce, pikachu shoots a thunderbolt at the

projectile, causing it to explode. The main scene that was responcible for the

seizures was one where satoshi(ash) and his friends are standing near an opening

and the majority of the frame is filled with alternating blue/red flat color


The same effect (FLYING COLORS: meant to create dynamic flashing/explosions) is

utilized a few times in the much more-acclaimed anime, Evangelion, a few times,

but those instances are far less likely to cause seizures do to the brevity and

slower frame rates of their animation.

This episode has been all but removed from media distribution but, due to the

internet, has been viewed by many a nostalgic/foolhardy otaku.

In non-Epileptic viewers the scene has been know to caused head aches,

especially loops of the scene with music.

Other banned/unaired episode of the series include #18 and #19 as well as #23,

due to sex, violence, and 9/11.
Alex - "Dude wanna see episode 38 I found it on youtube!"

Kevin - "I don't know man, what if I get a pokeseizure?"

Alex - "You don't know if you're epileptic though."

Kevin - "I don't want to find out, man."
by Viethra July 14, 2009
A "casper" word.


When casper (or another cat/person) knocks something off a high place.
"Dude sorry that I caused that epic mya'valanch. But,you need to clean up you room, man."
by viethra April 27, 2009
A word used to denote happiness, anger, affection, irritation, confusion, stress, or appreciation of cute behavior.

Also may be used as a greeting.

One of the many "casper" words. These words are affiliated with the web celebrity Casper, an American shorthair with a dark spot on his head.
"Myasez Sara, I missed you."

*after being hit by a frisbee* "Myaaasez?!"

"Myasez, Mr. Fluffy(a cat), do you want me to throw the ball again."

*just received a new Xbox game* "Myyyyasezz"
by viethra April 27, 2009
A fictional character from the television series, + SERAPHiM +. SHe is technically human, but also an angel, a prot point that is too painfully confusing for me to explain here. Enronne is endowed with the powers possessed by her angelic past life, Tabris, whom was a fallen angel. She works for the United Nations Army (originally formed from NATO) and is a brigadier general. Formerly fighting in WWIII, she now is involved in an organization know as CERBERuS. CERBERuS removes bio-weapons called wanderes from a Nazi paranormal research center in Kaliningrad.

Enronne has no awareness of her angelic nature at the beginning of the series. She is a high-functioning sufferer of PTSD and has severe lord of death syndrome. SHe is thought to be the dest warrior in the world by military personnel. Though, she is not particularly well known outside military buff circles. She has ridiculous strength, and the ability to heal from almost any physical wound. Though, not to the extent of Claire, from Heroes, or Logan, from X Men.

The SERAPHiM series is currently in production, but has already developed a fan following on the web.

Enronne is distinguishable by her prosthetic eye and grey hair. Often seen with monocrome dual staffs or a scythe.
"I finished some new fanart for DA"

"Cool, what of?"

"Enronne Ravenoah."

"Oh yeah, what is she doing."

"Dodging bullets from a walker tank."

by viethra April 28, 2009
A pencil rave is a fairly new term for a rave commited by someone without any rave equipment. Instead of glow sticks, they use pencils. Because they have evolved beyond the level of needy "conventional" ravers, they do not require or possess ecstacy. They can drink gallons of water, but it is often best to keep a pencil rave as simple as possible. All you really need are pencils and loud music. Techno or rap will do fine.
"You ready for the pencil rave!"

"Yeah, man, I just got a new set of papermates and a DAFT PUNK cd!"

"Party on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by viethra April 27, 2009

(Quasi psuedo schovanism)

when a person is a schovanist and doesn't know it. Characterised by believing a promiscuous man is a playa, but a promiscuous woman is a slut. Most American men and teenage boys suffer from pqs.
Guy 1 "James Bond is so badass."

Guy 2 "Yeah he gets all the whores he can %$#@!"

Guy 3 "Dude, I think you have a case of PQS. Not cool man."
by viethra April 28, 2009

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