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one of the most popular applications on facebook which contains pictures/boxes with words on them that usually express poser-hippies (and all other types of posers), freaks, sluts, and asian-haters, (but mostly posers). sending people bumper stickers relating to an inside joke is cool. however, sending people bumper stickers because you have nothing to do with your sorry life is just unacceptable and rude. People with more than 10 bumper stickers on their profile are losers and have no organizational skills. It is okay to choose the best stickers for your profile and save the rest for personal and private enjoyment. Bumper stickers have the tendency to creep up on you. They do this by bringing stickers to your attention that just so happen to relate to your life exactly, they are scary and magical in this way. etiquette on sending goes as follows: if you are sending to one friend only, make sure it's personal and actually funny. serious stickers make people feel uncomfortable and weird. also, if it's a good friend you're sending to, inappropriateness is a must. If you are sending to a large group of people then make it something all persons can understand. certain types of bumper stickers are emerging as popular: some-e-cards, lolcatz, and anything to do with the jonas brothers are topping the list.

all in all, bumper stickers are just the way to be. let's all remember to keep it classy.
me: "i was up browsing bumper stickers for 8 hours last night!"
you: "yeah i got 16 bumper stickers from you, i like the lolcatz one"
me: "yeah tru dat, my favorite bumper sticker is the 'how did you find my village' one!"
by victoria-smickmoria July 22, 2008

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