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For something that shouldn't be done, and if done, results in a paddlin'
Jasper: Talkin' outta turn. That's a paddlin'
Lookin' out da window. That's a paddlin'
Starin' ats mys sandles. That's a paddlin;
Paddlin' the school canoe, oh you better believe that's a paddlin'
by Victor142 July 29, 2011
A main character in Spice and Wolf. The name is many times incorrectly spelled as Horo. Due to the L being many time's pronounced as R in Japan. She is a wolf deity that manifests herself as a young girl with wolf ears and tail, although she is actually hundreds of years old.
Holo: Fool! I am Holo the Wise Wolf!
by victor142 August 05, 2011

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