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Person who models the abstract and later specific behavior of individuals
trying to make a claim on certain media,i.e. literature, art, books, poetry, movies. A trend will then arise of "packaging", at which point, genres will mix into socially acceptable grab bags of media and somehow spawn a fashion, normally causing these disillusioned individuals to start resembling the traits of characters, band members, and each other because he or she likes this " underground" lifestyle and wants to be accepted by a discriminating crowd. In short, the sucker thinks these people have all the answers and conforms to some " be- yourself-but-be-us-subculture". Scenesters can range from genres of music such as Indie, emo, hardcore, nerd rock,(math rock), metal heads, ska kids( skankers,Moonstompers), ravers, club kids, goth kids, mod kids,space rock,concept artists,retro throwbacks, punk, pop punk, to Donnie Darko fans and other cult movies such as Heathers or Velvet Goldmine,poetry by Bukowski or Frost, cartoons such as Sponge Bob or shows like Nip/Tuck and The Simpsons, books such as Catcher in the Rye, The Virgin Suicides, Valley of the Dolls, Ask the Dust, and occasionally, The Communist Manifesto,as most scenesters are anti-war and unless straight edge, (refraining from sex or drugs of any kind) are heavily into drugs and alcohol,nomadic,anti-religious,poor with rich parents, and slumming.Essentially, they are their friends, although some people will like what they like and be accused of being scenesters by mistake. The smart scenester will say that is the case, because he or she knows it can't really be disproven except by baby pictures, second grade stories, and by God Himself.
" Jennifer is a true disgusting little scenester now that she dyed her hair burgundy when she saw me doing it. I did it, because some girl on the Joan of Arc album had it that way, but that's because she copied the girl from Rainer Maria, and I told her after one of their shows that she should color it, so she did,and I thought'what the fuck? That was my idea.' So I'm boycotting them."

" If you don't like Spoon, you should die."

" If I had shaggy hair and wore eyeliner like your last boyfriend, you would love me more."

" The way these people look is the way I feel inside. They understand. I want to be part of their scene."
by Victim August 19, 2004
a gay, useless 'check' on AIM that is abused way to fucking much
If you warn me again, I'll kick your ass!
by victim June 07, 2004
rotten fuckin´murderer who killed own son
brute merd rotten shit laier
by victim December 02, 2003
fuckin cuted fat pig,killed own son & mother & two others
bitch married with bastard
by victim December 03, 2003
Member of psychopathic Latvian Terrorist Organization operating in Quebec, Canada
The are three Smilgians who live in Brossard, Quebec, with one main accomplice, a psychotic doctor which cannot be named here and many other major accomplices.
by victim May 02, 2004
hnida fuckin´murderer who murdered
her son & mother plus other two friends
filthiness merd murderer brute
by victim December 02, 2003
they did horrible svinstvo killed son & mother
rotten kokotské hnidy
by victim December 03, 2003

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