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Orginally a childrens television programme , the word has now been adopted as a form of negative Scottish slang. It can be used as in isult or as a negative term to describe someone/something.
Girl 1: Who's that ? Did you invite him to the party?

Girl 2: I have no idea who he is , he's just turned up.

Girl 1: I hate gatecrashers , he's such a chuggington.
by vickydoll#1 February 03, 2013
The opposite for chuggington , molefit is a Scottish slang word , it can be used as a compliment or as a positive term to describe someone/something.
Girl 1: That guy is beautiful did you invit him?

Girl 2 : Yeh he goes to my school he is so hot.

Girl 1 : He is so molefit.
by Vickydoll#1 February 04, 2013
Similar to chugginton , not quite as negative. it is the opposite to molefit. It is a form of Scottish slang used as a negative term to describe someone/something.
Girl 1: Omg who brought here?

Girl2: No idea but he is so unmolefit if he came uninvited

Girl!: Yeh he is... I'll ask around who he is.
by vickydoll#1 February 24, 2013
Costa Del Your Maw- rather than the usual scottish slang insulting remark of "yer maw" , a modern day cultured version of the phrase is used by inserting "costa del" at the start. Normally the phrase is used by hispanic teenagers in Scottish modern studies classes .
Girl: yo kelly bhoy!

Girl2: shut it ya chuggington

girl 1: Aw no she didn't ... go Costa Del Your Maw!
by vickydoll#1 February 24, 2013
When you feel something has the swag of a fish or exceedingly good cool-ness.

It can be said to be swag fish or #swagfish.
Swagfag1:Have you seen her new chapstick?

Swagfag2:yes it look awesome on her

Swagfag1: its so swagfish

Swagfag2:ill put it as my status onf fb:

"Omg she has a new chapstick #swagfish"
by vickydoll#1 September 30, 2013

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