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10 definitions by vicki

specifically, my flatmates
That bunch of cunts just don't give a fuck
by vicki February 10, 2005
48 11
a number bigger than the biggest number imaginable
I have a gazzillion things I need to do.

I am so glad that I am a gazzillinaire so I don't have to work.
by Vicki January 10, 2005
14 8
Fuckers!!!!Full of it wen theyr wit their "crew" but scared shitless wen theyr by themselves. Give themselves stupid names and think theyr hard as nefink. Widely hated by every1 who is not a towny.
Kill the fukin chav.
by Vicki January 11, 2005
19 15
a real jerk
a guy who's done wrong
by vicki November 13, 2003
6 2
extremely friendly girl who doesn't want you to know where she lives
nemokitty loves you, but don't try to follow her home. you'll get lost.
by vicki April 30, 2003
6 2
Niko's middle name. Derived from Caitlyn's brain.
Yo look! It's Niko flappalappadingdong Zerpopalopalos!
by Vicki February 08, 2005
3 19
best actress in the world who is beutiful and a wonderful singer. she is hard working and kind. she is just aperfect princess.
isn't she just so j lo-vely?
by vicki December 16, 2004
21 54