10 definitions by vick

The act of punching someone in the back of the neck,rendering them unconsience with one swift punch,usually in a club to one who A:is your Biyotch B:One who has grieved you
She owed me some money but never gave it to me so i pulled a club hit on that Byhatoch
by Vick March 20, 2003
A bastardation of "oh Shit" but never saying that word
I drop the soap, let me pick it up. OH S!
by Vick March 20, 2003
LivE Fast DIE young, to live on the edge, take inhuman risks,no remorse what so ever, born racer..........
An exAmp of A rIcer is a person who lives each and every day living on the most absolute edge.....
by vIcK February 15, 2005
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