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11 definitions by vicious

Word of unknown derivation. Means a stupid dove with white feathers, shit-brown eyes and restricted mental activity.
Rado from 11 A class.
by vicious April 11, 2005
4 4
Awesome,Stupid,Retarded,Cool,Boring,Lane,exciting,shut up all at once.
Bligy BLAR blarg!!
by Vicious July 22, 2003
1 1
(YAH-BO) a fat girl who thinks that she's fine.
"somebody's gotta tell that yabbo to put some more clothes on... or at least stay the hell away from the beach."
by vicious April 19, 2004
47 95
(n.)a person who has done too much acid, and is subsequently constantly paranoid, edgey, violent, and/or upset. convinced they're playing a transcended "game" where they are rated for their every action 24-7.
"try not to eat acid more times than you can count on your fingers, getting reduxed is no joke."
by vicious April 19, 2004
42 169