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A lengendary entity which appears once in a life. Said to be followed by corrupt chaos
go fuck in hell
by Vic October 25, 2003
From the fansite www.boydism.net. The webmistress coined this term as a way to explain particular feelings associated with delectable Scottish actor Billy Boyd. Visit her website to get her original definition.
(1)I'm sitting here for 40 minutes waiting for this Scottish indie movie to download, just so I can watch Billy Boyd prance around in an astronaut suit for half an hour. Man, do I ever have Boydism.
(2)Billy just keeps looking better and better in these pictures. That's the Boydism for you!
by Vic February 27, 2005
The act of vomiting on another person, usually for sexual gratification, or as a way of humiliation.
Joey was into gross sexual acts with his girlfriend. He would have her vomit all over his private parts, while masterbating.
by Vic July 28, 2004
To bale someone up (so they cannot move) and give them a full, literal, tounge lashing, all over the body. You must inflict as much pain as you can, using your tongue only.
My GOD! That chick's getting coopelated!
by Vic May 19, 2004
Also used in most parts of east durham in england, (easington area) it means to snog, or kinda act as if your going out with someone for one night.
'jonny wants to meet ya, so will ya?'
'i met him last week at the disco'
by Vic April 01, 2005
I will smell you tomorrow, awgub?
by Vic August 01, 2003
Would you like a grilled guido gwich?
by Vic August 01, 2003

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