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1 definition by vheissu

noun: A loosely associated social group. While 'scene' people are often at the same places due to similar interests, they are not necessarily all friends, and many know each other in only a cursory manner. A scene is often associated only by a fashion, attitude, or musical taste, or other characteristic which brings all the people together to the same place. Musical scenes are probably the most common, and many people use the word 'scene' to refer only to a musical scene.

verb: A word describing someone in an area who is involved in a local scene (noun) or something associated with that scene. Typically people who are considered 'scene' are associated with certain fashions, attitudes, and musical tastes associated with the larger social group, without actually being friends with everybody in that group.

Scene, in both the verb and noun senses, differs in meaning to people from different areas, as each area is unique in the scenes that it cultivates. However, local scenes can also be part of larger scenes which exist in multiple locations. Scene is also often used in a pejorative manner, although not always.
"Let's just go see a movie instead of going to that rock show. I'm sick of that scene right now."

"Check out those glasses; they're not even nice. She's just trying to be scene."

"Yeah, a new clothing store opened up on 4th. The clothes are very scene."
by vheissu February 27, 2009
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