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1. a ginger. has red hair, pale skin, and freckles. cannot go out into the sun without an umbrella for protection. a ginger is said to have no soul.

2. daywalker. a half ginger. has red hair but no pale skin or freckles. a soul or lack there of is yet to be determined.

3. firecrotch. a person having red or orange pubic hairs. many people dont believe that firecrotches are real, and insist that red heads have a brownish pubic hair color.

4.any other fire or heat related name can be applied to describe a red head
1. the best way to avoid giving birth to a ginger is to marry an asian woman.

2. a tan red head just looks weird sometimes...

3. "you're going to the drive in with the firecrotch, joe? i hope you remembered to bring fire proof condoms."

4. "its cold in here" places hands near an unsuspecting red head "ahh much better"
by vgintynotme July 11, 2009

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