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In common jailhouse jargon, a very bulked-up man, who lifts weights every spare minute to make the time go by. He is usually otherwise feminine in all its hystrionic aspects. He uses the muscleman image so others won't mess with him---he initiates the sexual advances, or permissions. He uses the muscleman persona to throw you off, in that he likes it up the booty on the down low, but by no means wants to be stereotyped as a feminine homosexual.
"Man, don't be fooled by his looks. He is just a muscle punk. He looks like a brick-shithouse, but he will make you his bitch. See that even BIGGER guy at the end of the yard, the brick-shithouse is HIS bitch."
by vetusvates November 25, 2007
A marijuana joint, rolled with bits of crack cocaine, and then dipped in formaldehyde. The local colloquial term similar to a primo, sherman, sherm, or wet-daddy. A primo is usually marijuana & cocaine, without the formaldehyde. A wet-daddy is usually marijuana & formaldehyde, without the cocaine.
1. "Man, you got a clickum?"
2. "Well man, then let's roll a couple clickums."
by vetusvates November 25, 2007
(Rhymes with dose.) The period of time one spends in jail after being found guilty and sentenced. A jail-stay. Passing time. As infinitive verb form, "to jose" means to ride out one's stay in jail. To endure a boring, uncomfortable, or painful situation.
1. "How long is your jose man?" "Only six months, this time."
2. "Damn, this is my fourth jose since my grandmother died."
3. "How's it goin' man?" "Just josin', how's it with you?"
4. "Hey man, how's married life?" "It's like one long jose, with no parole in sight."
by vetusvates November 25, 2007
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