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#1 One who is two faced and can never be trusted. #2 One who will steal his employer's welder ,then sell it to a person he says is a friend,then tell his employer who has it. #3 One who will say he never seen your wallet with $600.00 dollars cash in it even when you actually see your wallet on the car seat as you close the door and he is driving away quickly! #4 One who acts like he is not afraid to "Handle the situation" during phone conversations or sending a email,but in fact he is terrified of the one day he is gonna get tossed like a rag-doll.
"FACEMAN" when someone is calling you on the crap that you pulled in the past,and says that you need to "Be a man,and do the right thing!" your mommy pokes her head into the garage and says "Is everything OK out here?" you say "I can't stand tweakers." Although, the biggest tweaker in the world is yourself.
by vestlooksnice April 18, 2011

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