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A cheap airline which crams people into a ridiculously small space like battery hens, gives them nothing to eat and nothing to drink in order that they may only charge £1.50 for the ticket.
Are you flying Sleazyjet?
by veryoddsocks March 06, 2006
1. Name given to the bus which picks up retarded people or those with 'special needs' and transports them to any given destination; usually a special school or a day trip to the seaside. The bus is normally decorated with a happy colourful scene, such as a beach, or a row of sunflowers or just very bright colours. The sole purpose of this is to create a happy atmosphere for a happy day out.
2. People who are particularly drunk or wasted on drugs.
Those people over there are definitely on the happy bus.
by veryoddsocks March 06, 2006

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