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37 definitions by vertigo

A cutesy, girlish-sounding word taken from the German game Carcassonne, this word has been adapted to have many meanings, such as "That sucks" or "Oh crap." It can also be a verbal expression of a sigh or puppy-dog face. Whatever the usage, the word is usually expressing sadness or disappointment.
Professor: "The two papers will be due tomorrow. Sorry about the short notice."
Student: "Meeple."

Guy: "I'm working through some serious health issues right now."
Girl: "Meeple... I hope things go okay."
by Vertigo September 18, 2002
mood as given by the association with a color...for example, yellow = happy, blue = sad or emotional, red = angry or passionate.
What color are you today?
by Vertigo September 02, 2002