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When a girl looks hot from far away, or in a small friendster picture, but at full scale or close up, fugly. See also monet, scud, akalow rez
whoa that suicide girl was totally low rez, look at the hail damage on her ass!
by vertigo December 29, 2004
a weird nerd
That computer science guy with the horn-rimmed glasses and porn fetish sure is quarky.
by Vertigo January 14, 2003
Past-tense verb describing the action that occures when one intentionally or accidentally attacks and hurts themselves with their boobs
xxbrpunkfreakxx: I boobed myself with your shoulder
by Vertigo October 18, 2004
A common misspelling of mook, or in reference to the proper name, Moock. All Moocks, strangely enough, are mooks. Basically an idiot.

see mook

That Colin can't get his head out of his own ass. What a moock.
by vertigo December 29, 2005
verb - To elude someone. Mainly used in reference to a thought that has been lost due to marijuana intoxication. Where it feels like the thought is just beyond one's grasp. Quite often the particular idea seems of infinite importance or profundity, just to turn out to be inane. Pronounced with a southern accent.
"what were we just talking about?"
"Well I was saying that if the universe... ummm... If the.... Hold on.. I got it.. If the Universe were like... I had it but it keeps bejamblin me."
by vertigo January 09, 2005
an adorably cute guy who hasn't shaved in a while
That cute Jesse didn't shave for a week - now he's a cactus weasel!
by Vertigo January 11, 2004
completely 1337
That new server design was so freakin' spomerific.
by Vertigo January 08, 2004

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