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Thai for fun or happiness, also a brand of shoes that have a shoe upper on a sandal bottom, extremely comfortable and pretty cute too. Worn commonly among surfers and beach-goers.
Guy 1: Woah man, those are some sick shoes, what are they?!
Guy 2: They're Sanuks!
by veronicalovin August 30, 2009
Another word for sweet, sick, cool, rad...
Girl 1: Girl, I can come to the party
Girl 2: Shwang! See you soon!
by veronicalovin August 30, 2009
A super haggard person. Worse than a scrub.
Person 1: Homeboy, you wanna come scratch my thigh?
Person2: What the hell? No way you fricken scrubass.
by veronicalovin August 27, 2009
1.)Off-the-chain, rad, plush, legit, amazing, cool, et cetera.
2.) Really close friends
1.) Dude, look at that sweet ride, its tight like spandex
2.) Me and Katie are tight like spandex
by veronicalovin August 29, 2009
A goofball, a dork, a silly or funny person, someone who fools around, an L7 wiener!
The boy who farted in church was a total dweebster
by veronicalovin August 27, 2009
A guy who thinks that he is particularly harass or bad, but he is actually a joke. A real doucher.
Guy1: I'll mess you up!!
Guy2: Whatever, billy badass..
by veronicalovin August 28, 2009
A sick little ending that fits on almost any word to increase its cool factor.
Just add 'ster!
dork ---> dorkster!
dweeb -> dweebster!
fag -----> fagster!
Makes it cool!
by veronicalovin August 27, 2009

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