24 definitions by vernon dutton

Rabbits---The number one choice of bears to use to wipe their ass after taking a shit.
Hey Smokey, I need to take a shit, have you seen any rabbits?
by vernon dutton January 22, 2004
Latin: Rodendum Copuli--the least amount of concern you can express for any given act.
I don't give a rat fuck what she said,I did not fuck her sister!
by vernon dutton January 20, 2004
died,expired--expirenced death
medical phrase: What happened to the patient in room 216?, I head he bit the shit last night.
by vernon dutton January 20, 2004
Sharped dressed ladies over 50 that dye their hair. (unmistakable blue white color)
I was going to buy some new pants at the sale,but the sales table was surrounded by the blue hair mafia!
by vernon dutton January 20, 2004
Wide mouth mayonnaise jar--The term used to describe the anus of an x-con.
The Dr. wanted to know how long I had been out when he said my asshole looked like a wide mouth mayonnaise jar!
by vernon dutton January 21, 2004
Fellow Employee---Dumb ass microcephalics you have to put up with while you try to do your job.
I could finish this job if only my fellow employees would stay the fuck out of the way!
by vernon dutton January 20, 2004
cat heads---Southern term for Biscuits--the kind your grandmaw makes.
Ya'll come eat--the cat heads are getting cold!
by vernon dutton January 20, 2004
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