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infamous member of the Leet poo hit krew. known for smashing the skulls of noobs with his bare hands. see also probe and leet poo hit krew
noob-"OMg u faggot wallhaxor, how did you know i was there!!??11!!"

pwnmaster tox-"STFU"

by vergeltung November 29, 2004
the way non-noobs spell lenient.
its leniant to kill them
by Vergeltung December 19, 2004
Pandora, infamous demonic female who inflicts evil upon any not in her favor. Beautiful but deadly to all her foes by means of her box of evil tricks
noobish noob-"who do you speak of?"
sage noob-"Pandora, you fool!
by vergeltung November 29, 2004
an underground group of secret agent pwnzorz. known for sending out nail bombs laced with poo to unsuspecting noobs. leet poo hit krew head quarters are rumored to be in Amsterdam, Norway or the UK.
"OMG WUT HAPPEND? your face is gone...OMG YOU GOT PWNED BY THE HIT KERWW!!111one!!11!!"
by vergeltung November 29, 2004
infamous member of the leet poo hit krew, known for smashing the faces of niggers with his monolithic meat tenderizer. known only as "THE SPRODE" in some third world countrys after defiling entire villages at a time. see also lethal toxin and the leet poo hit krew
"WIGZ! what has happened to ants FACE?!could it have been THE SPRODE?"
"silance, popz! you must not speak his name!"
by vergeltung November 29, 2004

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