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a village in upstate new york that consists of one street and a college. people who go there do nothing but drink, do drugs, and jaywalk because hey, its one street. there are outragously more police here then needed, and parties are awesome considering its the only thing to do anyway. there are two bars, and two gas stations. drive up the road 2 mins and your in another village prolly not to different from the one you came from. everyone drinks keystone light like its their job, and eats pizza.
person 1: yo your drinking on a monday??
person 2: dude, its morrisville.
by verbz October 03, 2007
short for morrisville..a town that needs some other word to try and make it sound interesting.
person 1: where you headed?
person 2: back to moville playa
by verbz October 03, 2007
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