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the precise moment when an individual turns 20 years old. Also, the instant when he/she is so drunk at their 20th birthday that the whole world could blow up and the party would just miraculously go on!
wooooh! it's the big 2-O baby! i'm so drunk wooooo! come herr girl...
by venusflytrap January 15, 2005
expression used by playahatas when they have the miraculous chance to see a real playa at work. Oftimes said in hush hush.
Look he thinks he's macking wit all them ho's around him! Such hate...
by venusflytrap January 15, 2005
To receive a blow-job; having a person suck one's penis til it unloads.
I was so drunk last night I let that ugly fat bitch Myriam give me a header.
by venusflytrap January 17, 2005
Little blue men one sees when high on meth, acid, LSD, etc. They often hold the key to the secret of life and let you know about they do but never spell it out.
Fuck, I was high on meth at Macdonald's and this friggin' smurf was orderin' a big mac!
by venusflytrap January 17, 2005
to be "eyein'".
when a predator seeks its prey.
often used to describe the staring done by an individual on a sexual prospect at a certain distance.
damn! did you scope the dash on that stife? well did ya?
by venusflytrap October 14, 2006
A male individual who just couldn't give less of a flying rat's ass about anything... including you!
Yo that's ill! Badboy just stole his moms rentmoney!
by venusflytrap January 15, 2005
Short yet talented RnB singer who ditched B2K and loves his body so much he don't even care about the fine women in his videos.
In "O", he spends more time staring at his naked self in the mirror than with his girl. He won't even wash his face with water; he'd rather jerk it away with fear that it might spoil his makeup. The boy don't even own a driver's license, he has to get Bokeem Woodbine to drive him around.
by venusflytrap January 17, 2005

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