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Having romantic (more likely sexual) relations with some one who is overweight
My boy likes his girls big, every Saturday you can find him at the club dippin in the mayonnaise
by venum April 10, 2004
From "Poloroid" instant pictures, a Poloroid picture taken of X-Rated content
At a party last week I took some dope ass pornoroid of some trick strippin'.
by venum April 10, 2004
Sweet tasting alcoholic drink. Dervied from a drink made from Sour Apple Schnapps and 7-Up which tasted like a Jolly Rancher candy - now used to denote any sweet candy-like tasting alcoholic drink.
Don't give dat girl no hard drink make her a jolly rancha and she sure to git faded.
by venum April 10, 2004
From "Slag": in some circles means left over burnt residue. Meaning Female not of African American Race who prefers to date ONLY African Americans. (Offensive)
After Michelle got dumped by Trevor, she turned into a total Slag Hag, only dating the Varsity Basketball team.
by venum April 10, 2004
Acronym: Stands for Dumb Fuckin Cunt
(Offensive) can be for any girl who is completely clueless
That girl thought a blow job would help her unemployment, what a DFC (dumb Fuckin Cunt)
by Venum August 18, 2004

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