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Bad Best friend. Usually they are incredibly magnetic and good-looking but prone to ruthless behavior. They might be psycho, if you didn't feel such love towards them. Will defriend you, blacklist you, yell at you, and or give you the silent treatment whenever they decide you misbehaved in the slightest. BAD best friends are paranoid and toxic, and they use drama to their advantage better than anyone else you know. Related: BAG GIRL. BAD BOY.
if i weren’t doing this i’d be killing myself, or you, or your BBF Julie – you know she deserves it.
by velvetdewdrop November 13, 2011
Nicoles carry a naive desperation around and it's so terrible, reckless, and intimate that people can't look away. A Nicole will make up a paradox, but not just any paradox. Some Nicoles are good, some are bad, and some are misguided; all Nicoles have a romantic submissive streak and a yearning to Not be a Nicole. Their infamous curiosity could cause a mushroom cloud. Nicoles are mysterious in a LOUD way 4 xpression is their end all be all. Finally, when you pass by what is a Nicole, it's never the first time you see a Nicole that hooks you. Nor is it the second. Usually it's the third or fourth, but by then you feel like you've missed out.
Person 1: Look at that!! It's a NICOLE!
Person 2: No.. REAL Nicoles only exist in movies, remember? That's a NOT-Nicole Nicole.
Person 1: Um.. Isn't that the same thing?
Person 2: No. Never.
Person 1: Whatever. I'll ask Nicole.
by velvetdewdrop November 13, 2011
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