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Hitler's birthday (April 20 1889)
April 20 1889 is Hitler's birthday
by veggieness April 19, 2005
Charter Action Review Effort
CARE’s tasks are:

To independently evaluate each chapter of the City’s Charter while also attending and reviewing every City-appointed Charter Revision Commission meeting.

To make recommendations to the Commission that truly reflect the prevailing values of the community at large.

To resolve differences in open discussion between CARE and the Commission.

To maintain an open-door policy for public comment and suggestions during the revision process.

To commit to keep the Public informed of Commission activities.
by veggieness April 04, 2005
The same word as 'candy' (the things you eat), except spelt in a way "cute girls" would use
Heyy babi, do u want sum candi?
by veggieness April 03, 2005
That's what happens when a llama and
a penis crossbreed...

by veggieness April 20, 2005
Commonly used by teachers to say 'worksheets'
Remember class, you have a ditto to complete for homework
by veggieness May 08, 2005
an online kiss (the sound a kiss would make)
bye babe, mwah love ya!
by veggieness April 01, 2005

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