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27 definitions by veggieness

A book written by Sarah Dessen. It is about a girl who in an abusive relationship along with other problems she needs to overcome.
I love the book, Dreamland
by veggieness April 03, 2005
16 5
Caring Activists Against Fur
CAAF is against the Seal Hunt
by veggieness April 03, 2005
7 4
A country song sung by Gretchen Wilson
Pocahontas Proud is on the CD Here for the Party
by veggieness April 03, 2005
7 9
an internet heart that can stand for love
I have to turn my head to the right to see <3 as a heart, and then, still, it looks demented while i have a neckache
by veggieness April 03, 2005
66 73
it's when you loose the baby during pregnancy.. most of the time before you even realize you're pregnant. you can notice it from vaginal bleeding and cramps that are not part of your period.
Nothing can be done to stop a miscarriage
by veggieness May 13, 2005
188 197
small pieces of site information
Cookies are required for Yahoo! Mail.
by veggieness April 05, 2005
28 40
Can be used as a shorter way of saying 'away message'
lyk omg did u c his AM?
by veggieness April 01, 2005
10 22