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n. young man who knows too much and sometimes cares too much for his own good, but for everyone's good (even if they don't realize it).

n. friend who actually does take the time to listen, even without the enticement of alcohol (but a rum coke would still be highly appreciated!).

n. someone who gives as good as he got (and even better!)

n. example of how to make geeky a (fashionable) fashion statement

adj. unabashedly geeky (slash) dorky and can still have a good hearty cackle about it

(person whimpering over a counter)
(bartender approaches)

bartender: hey, is something wrong?
person: i don't know...maybe i need another drink.
bartender: i think you'll need a Jody with that.


"Bahahaha, I acted out my favorite movie scene in my bathroom until 5 in the morning!"

"That's so jody of you!"
by vegabeepo March 18, 2009
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