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A 4 year university located at the top of a hill looking over Monterey Bay. UCSC is known for 420, or April 20th of every year, a day dedicated to smoking weed in a field with thousands of people to light enormous blunts and get high. UCSC is also known for its hippie-loving, liberal, feminist, and stoner stereotypes.

The UC Santa Cruz mascot is a banana slug, chosen for its "docile and peaceful" nature. It basically embodies Santa Cruz's laid-back vibe and works perfectly as a very non-intimidating mascot since Santa Cruz has no sports teams to boast about. School pride is lacking since most of the school's population is too busy taking bong rips and eating munchies anyways.

The school's campus itself is considered one of the most beautiful campuses in the US. The entire campus is a redwood forest. You'll do a lot of walking on the UCSC campus because the buses are always late and take too long anyways.

UC Santa Cruz is often said to have a very quiet nightlife and weekend parties merely consist of smoking weed. If you're a stoner, that's probably true. For the 21+, Motiv and the Red Room become common bar stops. And house parties happen every weekend, its just about finding them since they’re DL because of the 10 PM city curfew.

Overall an often underrated, funky college campus with good things to see and people to meet for an open-minded college student.
Joe Shmoe: "Its 420@ Let's head over to UC Santa Cruz!"
by vchristina July 13, 2011
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