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Without a condom
She didn't like the Catholic notion that men should only go in barebacked.
by vavie January 03, 2004
A game where six Yoshis (Mario's pet dinosaurs) have a Super Happy Tree. The tree gets stolen by Bowser (from Super Mario 64) and the Yoshis have to go through six levels to get their tree back.
When I play Yoshi Story, I always use the green Yoshi... he's the coolest.
by vavie January 09, 2004
An informative book published in 1973. It was intended to help couples spice things up in the bedroom It featured illustrations of hairy, gross, 70's-style people going at it like monkeys. Some featured moves: the buttered bun, clothed intercourse, Chinese style, the big top, the tongue bath, anal intercourse, etc.
God forbid you mix up THE JOY OF SEX and THE JOY OF COOKING: "Who wants hair pie?!"
by vavie January 03, 2004
What you can't call your cell phone, because then how would we be able to distinguish between mobile phones and string-instrument phones?
1.) Hook me up with my cellophone so I can play some Snake.

2.) Hook me up with my cellophone so I can play some Haydn and Boccherini.
by Vavie March 13, 2004
Can be either:

1) A derogatory term used by an internet/computer techie, to describe a non-techie.

2) A derogatory term used by non-techies to poke fun at internet/computer techies.

Originates from an internet error message.
1) That 404 doesn't know HTML! And he only has 64 megabytes of RAM!

2) Look at the 404 all by himself... his only friend is his laptop.
by vavie January 04, 2004
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