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2 definitions by vascular

Good Night Dick
The dick that is given to thirsty women before they go to bed. Some women are unable to sleep properly without it.
"Hey, Where did Melody go?"
"I think she went to get some GND."
by Vascular August 23, 2014
This is a term used when you have beaten someone by 4 clear scores in any game,

in football by 4 goals,in american football 4 touchdowns, in pool by 4 balls,etc
also used in computer games

leading the dispatched person to be humiliated and most likely cry like a little girl before wetting himself.
Cardew- " wow i just dispatched you 5 - 1 with France against Italy, I rule"

James- "o god i know, i am so tall and crap, and you are clearly the master. My world is crumbling down around me. "

Cardew- "please leave you are getting piss all over my floor, you lady!"
by vascular February 10, 2006