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(1) ruler who has unlimited power over other people, and uses it unfairly and cruelly

also see wordbush/bush
Tamir, one of several sons of the exiled ruler, vowed he would liberate his country from the tyrant.
by vark April 06, 2003
(1)a person who is constantely told what to do by his partner in life, and obeys him/her.
Caleb is a keen example of a sloef
by vark April 08, 2003
(2)sharp fingered person
(3)lives with virus
i feel like a jellert living with this stupid person
by vark April 08, 2003
(1)consuming rather large amount of something very rapidely.
(2)the traditional way of eating @ the heyse's


by vark April 06, 2003
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