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The worse the economy, not only do the hookers get better looking, but they get cheaper.
Some postulate that additionally, hookers get more business during a worse economy, however Dvorak himself attributes this to supply and demand which often leads to an increase in business (i.e. tricks) which is driven by the need to compensate for loss of revenue caused by the same reduction in cost stated in Dvorak's law.
by varicocele June 21, 2013
Humiliating a defeated opponent after a private street fight by sewing their clothes in an unorthodox manner.

Fairly easy to accomplish after a knockout but possible during a grapple.

A scrap 'n' sew kit is best contained in a metal tin, usually Altoids or Sucrets.

"Bonus points" may be awarded for repairing any clothing damaged during the fight.
Dude: How'd you get that shiner?
Other dude: Remember that poofta that I was pissed at for winking at my girlfriend on facebook?
Dude: Not really.
Other dude: Well, I remixed one of his soundclick songs so it sounded like he was rapping about loving dick and put it on the fakebook I made with his name. I guess he overheard me telling people about it after the bar last night so he sucker-punched me in the alley by my house. Buddy went down with one to the chin. I wasn't satisfied so I gave him the old scrap'n'sew.
Dude: Huh?
Other dude: I happened to have a sewing kit in my pocket so I stitched up his shirt to make it a few sizes smaller. Then I got the idea to attach his shirt to his underwear so he'd have a nasty wedgie. You shoulda seen him trying to walk home when he woke up.
by varicocele April 18, 2009
Of or pertaining to the feces that exists in the area of contact between underwear and anus that acts to unite them.
girl #1: Did you hump that guy last night?
girl #2: Fuck no. Dude had skidcro.
girl #1: He did what with the who now?
girl #2: Dude was all like, "Why don't you go ahead and make yourself all comfortable on the bed there while I unleash The Beast" and then when he pulled off his underwear all I heard was 'skthwip'.
girl #1: He farted?
girl #2: No.
girl #1: *gag*
by varicocele April 18, 2009

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